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Can’t find what your looking for… Just ask

I hope that you find in the news blog below information that will help you. If not and you’re looking for specific advice, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to share information and thoughts on a specific subject that my readers find useful. Of course I never reference any personal information within my news stories so total confidentiality is assured.

Moral courage and the altruistic perspective

Why is it that in the face of great suffering or crisis that some people respond with a heroic compassion and generosity, endangering their own lives to help others, while other people, when faced with the same situation act selfishly, or further on the other extreme,...

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The freedom to choose

Did you ever wake up one day and wonder how you got to where you are in life? It can sometime seem as if life has 'happened' to us - we don't remember actively choosing the path we have taken. It is like the river of life has swept us along in a particular direction...

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Wrestling angels

Genesis tells the story of Jacob wrestling with an angel: One night, in the dark, Jacob was pinned to the ground by an assailant. Struggle as he might, he couldn’t escape, his attacker was too strong. All night the two rolled around the ground wrestling with each...

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Optimising your emotional style

Renowned neuroscientist, Richard Davidson, in his book, The emotional life of your brain, claims that there are six dimensions that determine our emotional style. According to Davidson, the six dimensions “arose from systematic studies of the neural basis of emotion”....

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Developing emotional intelligence

In their book, Emotional intelligence 2.0, Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves outline the four skills that constitute emotional intelligence. The first two relate to personal competence and the second two relate to social competence. 1) Self-awareness Self-awareness is...

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The key to personal change: Cultivating a growth mindset

Why is it that some people flourish under fire, remain positive in the face of adversity, grow and become stronger through difficulties? In her book Mindset: The new psychology of success, Stanford University psychologist, Carol Dweck, argues that how we deal with the...

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The positive potential of everyday experiences

We have within us the power to cultivate positive emotions and experiences in our everyday lives. We have the power to develop joy in ourselves in simple yet profound ways. So often we look to the big events in our lives to make us happy: marriage; career; family;...

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