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I hope that you find in the news blog below information that will help you. If not and you’re looking for specific advice, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to share information and thoughts on a specific subject that my readers find useful. Of course I never reference any personal information within my news stories so total confidentiality is assured.

The perception of possibility

A story is told of a group of blind men who heard that a strange animal, called an elephant, had been brought to the town, but none of them were aware of its shape and form. Out of curiosity, they said: "We must inspect and know it by touch, of which we are capable"....

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The mind is a place of its own: from problems to paradise

There is middle eastern story about a man who is very unhappy because his family are oppressing him. His wife constantly torments him. His children annoy and hassle him. He feels hard done by and thinks it is time he went away in search of heaven. After searching for...

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The danger of denial

'One evening, as Mulla Nasruddin was setting out to call on some of his friends, an old friend happened to come along. It was twenty years since they had seen each other. Both were beside themselves with joy. “It is ages since we met.” said Nasruddin. “I am so very...

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Independence and authenticity: To thine own self be true

One of Chuang Tzu's stories recounts the following: 'Chuang Tzu was one day fishing, when the Prince of Ch'u sent two high officials to interview him, saying that his Highness would be glad of Chuang Tzu's assistance in the administration of his government. The latter...

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Learning how to live

A Sufi story called 'The scholar' recounts the following: "Nasrudin, ferrying a pedant across a piece of rough water, said something ungrammatical to him. "Have you never studied grammar?" asked the scholar. "No." "Then half of your life has been wasted." A few...

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Creating a culture of care

An old myth tells the story of a time when ‘care’ was crossing a river and she saw some clay. She picked it up, and slowly began to shape it. While contemplating the beauty of what she had made, Jupiter came by and ‘care’ asked him to give it spirit, which he gladly...

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The tragedy of the talents

The Parable of the Talents  “For it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted to them his property. To one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away. He who had received...

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Obstacles or opportunities?

A story: A doorkeeper stands on guard before the temple of the Law. To this doorkeeper there comes a man who begs for admittance to the Law, but the doorkeeper says that he cannot admit the man at the moment. The man, on reflection, asks if he will be allowed then to...

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