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Do you feel ‘stuck’, stressed, or dissatisfied? Do you long for greater balance, well-being and fulfillment?

Through the coaching process, I will work with you to get ‘unstuck’ by getting clear about what changes you want to make in your life and then removing any obstacles that lie in the way of creating that change.

I will work with you to:


Find clarity, focus and direction


Develop inner strengths like resilience, confidence and motivation


Find passion, purpose and meaning


Deal more effectively with stress


Create balance in your life


Live more creatively

“I had an excellent coaching experience with Evan. He helped me clarify what I wanted out of life and supported me in coming up with practical steps to start making it happen. I found that certain things in my life which previously seemed like insurmountable obstacles, weren't. I would highly recommend meeting with Evan if you feel stuck in some aspect of your life, or if you want to make a change but don't know exactly what it is or how to go about it”. – B. Lee
“Evan is a natural coach with incredible patience, empathy, knowledge and listening skills. Evan's mindful approach to communication gives you the space to open up on issues you are facing which allows for personal insights to emerge.  I would recommend Evan strongly as a coach because his gentle, supportive and wise approach never fails to draw out your inner resources that sets you on the path to success, empowering you to make the necessary life changes you seek”. – S. Murphy
“After 6 consecutive weekly sessions with Evan, I received exactly what I was looking for within each one: Clarity and focus. His perfectly timed questions and attentive ear amazed me. I know when needed again, Evan will be a life coach I will definitely call”. – M. O’ Neill

Life Coaching

Coaching is based on a three-step process:

Who:  Understanding who you are as a person and what are the things that are most important to you (values, strengths, resources).

What:  Clarifying what you want to change, create, or achieve (goals, improvements, achievements).


How:  Planning how you will do this (strategies, methods).

As your coach, I will help you discover who you are, clarify what you want, and empower you and support you to get what you want.

Coaching can start at any point in this process: If you know who you are we can work on clarifying what you want; If you know what you want we can work on how to get it.

€60 per session | 3 for €160 / 6 for €250

Health and well-being package

Your health and well-being is your most important resource as it determines the quality of your life. Therefore, we need take time to invest in this ‘inner wealth’ to enhance our experience and live life to the fullest.

True health and well-being is about flourishing – living with passion, joy, and vitality, lives of deep meaning and fulfilment.

Using the PERMA model from Positive psychology I will work with you to increase your well-being by examining and developing the different aspects of your life.

PERMA stands for:
Positive emotions – feeling good
Engagement – finding ‘flow’ in activities
Relationships – deep and authentic connections
Meaning – finding purpose
Achievement – a sense of accomplishment

Developing each of these areas can transform your way of being and help you live a more flourishing life. We can also explore how changes to your lifestyle can increase your health and well-being.

€60 per session | 3 for €160 / 6 for €250

Mindfulness coaching package

Mindfulness is a practice that can help you increase your health and well-being, deal more effectively with stress, and help you live more fully. This package offers one-on-one or small group mindfulness training that will help you:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Develop cognitive flexibility

  • Develop resilience

  • Improve memory and focus

  • Increase positive emotions

  • Improve physical health

  • Increase creativity

  • Develop presence and confidence

The programme will introduce you to various mindfulness practices that you can use in your life to develop self-care and increase your inner strengths and resources.

€60 per session | 3 for €160 / 6 for €250

Growing the good package – cultivating inner strengths and resources

Using mindfulness-based approaches I will help you ‘grow the good’ within yourself – develop positive qualities, inner strengths and resources that will help you deal effectively with stress and adversity and flourish generally in your life.

Neuroscience has shown us that we can use our minds to change our brains for the better. Through self-directed neuroplasticity practices I will help you cultivate experiences in your life that will rewire your brain for the better.

This programme will help you increase your well-being through developing inner resources like:

  • Gratitude
  • Self-compassion
  • Kindness
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Joy
  • Motivation
  • Mindfulness
  • Courage

Drawing on Positive psychology practices, NLP, and mindfulness, I will help you to uncover the resources necessary to live a life of joy, vitality, passion, and well-being.

€60 per session | 3 for €160 / 6 for €250

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