Success, in any endeavour, is predicated on our capacity to recognise the most important thing and to be mindful of this fact as we move forward. By remembering the most important thing in any situation we are less likely to deviate, lose direction, or get lost and instead move towards what we most deeply value.

We can ask this question of ourselves in matters large and small. Whether at the start of a day, before meeting someone, performing a task, or making large life decisions, this question can help clarify the essential and create a refreshing simplicity of focus.


We are exposed all our lives to what society and those around us think is the most important thing in life but often we fail to reflect on what we think is the most important thing. This can lead to us simply adopting the agendas of others, while neglecting our own wishes and desires – a recipe for a life of regret.

In a quiet moment before any activity, or at the start of each day, ask yourself, ‘What is the most important thing?’ This question not only clarifies priorities but it also primes us to move in a valued direction in our lives.