Evan Dwan

Life coach and mindfulness-based stress reduction teacher.
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My name is Evan Dwan and I am a life coach and mindfulness-based stress reduction teacher. I help people create positive change in order to get unstuck and live full and meaningful lives.

Through coaching and teaching I help people build resilience, increase well-being, and find fulfilment.


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Do you need support managing stress and creating balance in your life?


Do you feel lost, lacking direction, or unfulfilled?


Do you feel like you need support gaining clarity about the direction in which you want to move in your life?

I can help…

Through the coaching and education programmes I run I will help you develop the resources you need to manage stress, increase your health and well-being, and find fulfilment in your life.

Clients use me because I offer a mindfulness-based approach in which they can find focus, clarity, and balance, while giving them effective tools and strategies that help them move forward with their lives and improve their well-being.

“I would really recommend coaching with Evan to anyone. I found him to be very professional, highly skilled, very kind and compassionate. Before my coaching I was very anxious and was struggling to cope with life on a day to day basis. I have learned so much from Evan about how to cope better during one of the most difficult times of my life”. – L. O’Neill
“Thank you Evan for the fantastic event this morning. Your meditation techniques and mindful approach have helped me a lot. Felt energetic and rejuvenated”. Radek
"This workshop was exactly what I was hoping for and was done in a fun, relaxed and comfortable environment thanks to Evan. I learned some new practical tips to add to daily routines along with information to make further steps to help me with my personal development goals. I would definitely recommend this to anybody thinking of doing any future workshops".Dave
“Evan is a natural coach with incredible patience, empathy, knowledge and listening skills. Evan's mindful approach to communication gives you the space to open up on issues you are facing which allows for personal insights to emerge.  I would recommend Evan strongly as a coach because his gentle, supportive and wise approach never fails to draw out your inner resources that sets you on the path to success, empowering you to make the necessary life changes you seek”. – S. Murphy

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