Here is a question:

Is the heart separate from the veins that feed it? Or are the veins separate from the blood that moves through them? Is a branch something separate from a tree? Or is the soil, the water, or the sunlight that feeds the tree separate from the tree itself?

When we use words and language, we break the world up into objects. We call something a ‘chair’ or the ‘sky’ or even a person we give a name to, like ‘Mary’ or ‘Peter’. When we name something, it becomes something separate from the world in which it is embedded. Then the world appears to be made up of objects, of separate parts, rather than one whole process that is constantly in a state of flux, all the parts influencing and interacting with each other.

It is our intellect that creates a world of separation, where we experience the world as separate from us. In reality, we are one large dynamic unity. Through the use of intuition, the direct knowing of reality, we can see that the nature of the world is that things flow together, and everything is related to everything else.

Take an egg for example. It has a hard boundary so it looks like it is a separate ‘something’. But there is no ‘egg’ on its own. The egg is part of the hen that laid it, the climate that surrounds it, the soil, the air. In fact, if we traced its connection far enough, we would see that it is related to the whole universe.