How can we respond to the suffering we see in the world? What can we do to help others who are facing adversity?

After the attacks on America on September the 11th 2001, in which terrorists flew planes into the twin towers in New York, there was a great outpouring of kindness as well as grief. One of the most remarkable stories only emerged months later when the Maasai tribe in Africa heard about the event. The Maasai live as nomads, wandering from place to place. They have no electricity, telephones, or running water. However, they were very moved by the tragedy and wanted to do something to help so they donated 14 cows to the United States. To the Maasai, cows are sacred but such was their desire to help that they decided to hand over these cows to help in the aftermath of the attack.


Why do you think the Maasai wanted to help? What motivated them?

Have you ever felt motivated to help someone in need? What did you do?

What values did the Maasai demonstrate in donating the cows? What did their actions tell us about the kind of values they hold?