A gift is something that is given. Like a present, it is something that is given freely. It can also refer to a notable capacity or talent that we possess. When we speak about a person’s gift or gifts, we are talking about something valuable that they hold inside themselves.

We sometimes talk about certain people being ‘gifted’. But the truth is that we are all gifted. We are all made of a unique blend of talents, skills, strengths and interests. Some of these were given (or gifted) at birth. Some have developed over time. Together they form not just our gifts – but also the gift we offer to the world.

Orpheus was a beautiful musician. He played the lyre and sang wonderful songs that made wild animals tame. The trees swayed towards him, the grass stood up and the whole earth came alive and sang with him.

Orpheus was deeply in love with Eurydice but one day a snake bit her, and sadly, she died. As Orpheus held the body of his beloved, her soul slipped out of her body, down though the cracked ground, and into the underworld.

Orpheus stopped playing music. “Without Eurydice, there is no life, no music, no song to be sung. I must fetch her back”.

He descended through the valleys, pits and tunnels into the underworld where he came to the river Styx. He implored the ferryman to carry him across but the ferryman warned him he would never get past Cerberus, who guards the gate. Only the dead could cross, and a soul that went in, could not return.

The ferry man saw the grief in Orpheus, took pity on him, and in the black boat ferried him across. As the ferry moved through the darkness a terrible sound split the air. Cerberus, the three-headed guard dog, barked and loomed up overhead. Orpheus took out his lyre and began softly to play. He played music without words, music that enchanted the ferryman and slowly sedated the raging guard-dog.

Throughout the underworld the souls of the dead stopped to listen. Pluto, King of the dead, also fell under the spell of Orpheus’ beautiful music. But he was angry. Music had no place in the land of the dead.

“Music is forbidden here!” Pluto boomed.

Orpheus began to sing. He sang of Eurydice’s beauty and the love they shared. He sang of the snake who took their love away and of his unbearable loneliness and pain. Pluto’s anger dissipated, he sat back on his throne and was overcome with sadness. His heart melted and he began to cry.

“You are the only one who has ever made it down here alive. Your song and story have moved me. I will grant you your wish”, said the King.

“Eurydice shall return to earth if…you can climb back up to the sunlight without once turning back to look at her face”, he laughed.

With the sound of soft footsteps close behind him Orpheus began to ascend…back to the river Styx, where again he played his wonderful music. He got into the boat and felt her presence behind him, but did not look back.

He passed the guard dog, but did not look back.

He crossed the river, but did not look back.

He arrived at the other side, but did not look back.

Beginning the climb out of the underworld he realised soon they would be free!

“Not long now”, he thought.

But then some doubts began to enter his mind. What if Pluto had tricked him and it was not really Eurydice behind him? What if she had changed during her time in the underworld and no longer loved him? As the first rays of light began to peer over the horizon, he decided it was best to take a quick glance just to make sure.

He gazed upon her beautiful eyes, her curling hair, as her mouth sang, “Orpheus!” It was her!

Then, all of a sudden, she was pulled backwards into a black hole, drowning in the darkness.


She was gone. He lost his love for a second time.

From then on Orpheus could no longer play his cheerful music. When he touched the lyre notes of grief and despair poured out, which displeased his audiences. They pleaded with him to play something cheerful, but he couldn’t. In their frustration, they attacked and killed him.

His weary soul rushed to go to the underworld and be reunited with his beloved. But the gods would not allow it.

“Your music is too wonderful for the underworld. It gives us so much pleasure. Your lyre shall be turned into stars and hung up in the night sky. You shall live for all eternity in the heavens, the place reserved for those deeply loved by the gods.”

“But…”, began Orpheus.

“and Eurydice shall live there with you”, the gods announced.

And there, from that day to this, the two lived in eternal happiness filling the heavens with sweet songs and music.


In this story we can see how Orpheus used his gift to enrich the world and to save the one he loved. If you think of people in your life, or people you have read about, what kinds of gifts do they possess?

Next, begin to consider what your gift might be. This is not something you will be able to discover quickly. It takes time so be patient with this question. Return to it over and over. In your life look at the things you do well. What are you good at? How do you help others? What do others compliment you for?

What is your gift?