“The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived.”
― Robert Jordan, The Fires of Heaven

When we face a challenge, it can trigger a vulnerability in us. In order to take care of ourselves we need to access resources that can give us the strength and support to protect our vulnerability and face our challenges.

A resource is anything that supports us or offers relief from something. It is an ability to cope with situations. We all have lots of resources available to us but when we feel anxious or overwhelmed, we find it hard to access them.

There are different types of resources:

Functional resources include things like shelter, the shops, food, money etc.

Physical resources refer to physical strength and agility.

Psychological resources include intelligence, skills, knowledge, abilities, and strengths like a sense of humour, creativity, honesty, and kindness.

Interpersonal resources include family, friends, or any people who help us or who we have a connection with. We can remember positive relationships and connections from the past which can create positive feelings now. Memories of friends, parents, neighbours, teachers, coaches etc. can all be helpful resources. Animals and pets also belong here.

Spiritual resources include belief in a higher power, connection with nature, images of spiritual figures, meditation, prayer, music, rituals and other spiritual practices.

Other resources include books, art, sport, stories, history, technology and anything else that support us in meeting challenges in our lives.

So, how do we access our resources?

Activity: Resource toolbox

Under each of the categories listed above, make a list of all the resources you have available to you in the table below.

Read over them and notice how it feels to have all this support in your life. Pick one resource each day and put it into practice. Try to match the resource to the challenge you are facing. For example, if you are feeling anxious try use a resource that soothes and comforts you. This might be thinking of loved ones, writing, watching a film, or meditation. Make note of what impact the resource you use has on your well-being.

We can also develop new resources by trying new things: thinking of things you are grateful for, deep breathing, yoga, art etc.

Resource toolbox




























Make a plan of the resources you will use each day this week: