Try reading the following passages slowly and deeply, paying attention to your inner experience as you do.

“All things are changing; nothing dies. The spirit wanders, comes now here, now there, and occupies whatever frame it pleases…For that which once existed is no more, and that which was not has come to be; and so, the whole round of motion is gone through again.”

– Ovid, Metamorphoses

“Only the bodies, of which this eternal, imperishable, incomprehensible Self is the indweller, are said to have an end.”

– Bhagvad Gita

What do you notice as you read these words? What images arise in your mind? What sensations and emotions are you aware of?

Do you notice something emerging? An impulse, inkling, intuition, or instinct. When you tune into your body, does this reading inspire or illicit a response?

How might you respond to this?

What would it be like to respond in words…in images…in movement…in sounds?

What truth could you write in response? Perhaps expressing a similar sentiment, or something different…