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My name is Evan Dwan and I am a life coach, mindfulness-based stress reduction teacher (MBSR), educator and writer.

I work with people using a mindfulness-based approach to help them improve the quality of their lives through creating positive changes in perception and action.

Writing and blogging

I knew I wanted to be of service to others so I sought to develop myself and my knowledge in a way that I could use to help others transform their lives and fulfil their potential: I completed numerous positive psychology training courses; A leadership for social change course in NYU; A Masters in Education; and trained as a life coach and mindfulness-based stress reduction teacher. I also read everything I could find on personal development and well-being from the ancient wisdom traditions to modern psychology and neuroscience.

I began to share this practical knowledge and insight through writing – I had articles published on many different topics: History, psychology, philosophy, health and well-being; and I created the blog thesingingflame.com which looked at providing practical ideas for helping people develop themselves and improve the quality of their lives.

Life coaching and mindfulness-based stress reduction

As part of my Master’s in Education I wrote my thesis on the development of human potential which focused on the central role of creativity in unlocking this – our ability to create our selves and our lives. I was eager to test these ideas in real life. Coaching and personal development education provided the ideal arena.

Both life coaching and mindfulness really resonated with me because they were at the heart of what are two of the biggest challenges we face in our lives: How to create a life that is authentic and meaningful for us; and how to manage the inevitable stresses and challenges that all of us face.

Moving into coaching from teaching was natural. Good coaching and good teaching are ultimately very similar – they are based on asking good questions that can open people to new perspectives, elicit fresh insight, and ‘draw out’ from people the wisdom and potential that they hold within. As such, the skills that I developed as a teacher over many years are one of the key strengths that I bring to getting the best out of people in a coaching context. 

Personal development and nature workshops

I set up the SoulSeeds centre with fellow life coach Sarah Murphy where we run personal development workshops and courses on an array of topics: Finding purpose, passion, and meaning; Cultivating positive emotions; Developing healthy relationships; Self-compassion and self-care; and coaching circles.

With fellow mindfulness teacher, Barry Lee, I set up ‘Nature in mind’, an educational organization designed to help people improve their well-being through connecting with the natural world – for more info visit www.natureinmind.ie

Whether it is coaching, teaching, or writing, my focus is always the same: Looking for ways to help people improve the quality of their lives and live more fully.

If what I have to offer resonates with you and you would like to work with me in improving or developing any aspect of your life, get in touch and we will begin the process of creating positive change that will lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying life for you.

“I would really recommend coaching with Evan to anyone. I found him to be very professional, highly skilled, very kind and compassionate. Before my coaching I was very anxious and was struggling to cope with life on a day to day basis. I have learned so much from Evan about how to cope better during one of the most difficult times of my life”. – L. O’Neill
“Absolutely loved it, great instruction by Evan. So important to learn how to full appreciate what is all around us. Such a tremendously powerful skill to learn. I hope that I can continue in this vein. Thank you so much for this experience. I really appreciate it." - Peter
"I had no experience of mindfulness prior to participating in the course taught by Evan. It was a powerful experience each week and I felt energised and motivated to do the practices each day. I would highly recommend Evan's course and his ability to lead, teach and facilitate Mindfulness".Claire
“I had an excellent coaching experience with Evan. He helped me clarify what I wanted out of life and supported me in coming up with practical steps to start making it happen. I found that certain things in my life which previously seemed like insurmountable obstacles, weren't. I would highly recommend meeting with Evan if you feel stuck in some aspect of your life, or if you want to make a change but don't know exactly what it is or how to go about it”. – B. Lee
“After 6 consecutive weekly sessions with Evan, I received exactly what I was looking for within each one: Clarity and focus. His perfectly timed questions and attentive ear amazed me. I know when needed again, Evan will be a life coach I will definitely call”. – M. O’ Neill

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