Circe gave Odysseus directions to the underworld. He sailed into the northerly wind, following the stream of ocean until he came to Persephone’s grove of trees. From there the gates of the underworld opened before him. In the grove Odysseus dug a trench and filled it with blood and Ewe’s milk. The he waited. Soon there emerged a quiet commotion from the long dark passage behind the gates. The underworld was awakening.

Ghosts poured out pleading for blood and milk. The brave Odysseus kept them at bay with his sword while he waited for Tiresias.

“I see the years before you and the years behind you. Great trouble awaits. What you have endured thus far is nothing compared to the strife that is coming. Greedy men are vying for your Kingdom. But you will secure victory in the end with the help of the great goddess Athene!”

“How long will it take before I get home? What dangers must I look out for?” cried Odysseus.

As Tiresias began to fade back into the underworld, Odysseus heard the hushed response:

“Many years before you return home. Many years. Look out for the singers, look out for the cliffs, and look out for the sun god’s island cattle!”

Odysseus bowed and thanked Tiresias the seer. He then let the other ghosts drink the milk and blood. He saw many old friends and comrades, who wished him luck. By evening he had to return to the ship. Circe’s magic mist had worn off now and Odysseus and his men were once again visible to Zeus and Poseidon and they duly incurred their wrath. As the men sailed out to sea the gods set a terrible storm upon them and once again Odysseus and his men were thrown into the tempest, clinging for their lives at sea.