Did you know that most of the oxygen we breathe comes from plants that died long ago? We can think of these plants as our ancestors, who, even though they are gone, support our life today. These ancestors provide us with the gift of breathable air.

When we feel grateful for the gifts we have been given, it is natural to want to ‘give back’. We can’t give back to our ancestors as they are no longer here. But we can ‘give forward’. We can pass on the gifts we have been given to others and future generations.

By getting involved in this process we can begin to experience ourselves as part of a larger flow of giving and receiving. We receive from the past and give to the future. This is the natural way of life.


What are all the things that you receive from the world around you, past and present? In what way would you like to give back to the world by giving forward? A way to think about this might be through the question: What need exists in the world right now that I have the skill and capacity to fulfil?


Committing to some action, no matter how small that involves giving forward. Perhaps state your intention to someone else and ask them to check in with you in a week’s time.